Polity, please

Administrative Personnel Association members, be aware: You must now take a Polity class at least once every three years to maintain your current certification level. The national Council on Accreditations and Standards (CAS) approved the measure at the 2017 APA national conference in May.

The rationale was twofold:

First, since knowledge of polity is absolutely critical for personnel serving PC(USA) entities, and the Book of Order undergoes revisions every two years, APA members should undergo training on a regular basis to ensure familiarity with the current version.

Second, this requirement mirrors those for other types of professional certification (i. e. for CPAs, financial managers, teachers, nurses, etc.). for which a minimum amount of continuing education is mandatory for certification maintenance. This reinforces the certification’s validity and relevance.

The requirement affects certifications only; it has no bearing on individual APA membership; however, as before – certifications are lost if membership lapses. Also, Life Members are not affected, as their certifications are in perpetuity.
To help members fulfill the requirement, CAS has recommended that the 2018 APA national conference courses include Polity I, Parts A and B, and Polity II. The Heartland, Southeast and Southwest Regions also plan to offer Polity classes at their upcoming regional conferences.

Certification grants doubled for 2018 events

The APA national Council on Accreditations and Standards (CAS), for the year 2018 only, will provide up to two $200 grants per region to facilitate certification opportunities outside regularly-scheduled regional conferences. The funds are being offered in place of the current $100 one-day event grant, for APA events that may include seminars, workshops and retreats held in addition to and apart from an annual regional conference in the coming year. Applications should be submitted to the regional certification chair no later than 60 days prior to the planned event date.

Administrative Personnel Association Certification Opportunity Grant Application
For APA events in 2018 ONLY – Above and apart from your regional conference